Staff Development for Better Special Education Student Outcomes

Students with print disabilities, such as blindness or low vision, a physical disability that makes it difficult or impossible to hold a book or turn pages, or a learning disability like dyslexia, are unable to access traditional print textbooks and instructional materials. They need and can have timely, equal access to the general curriculum through accessible formats, such as digital text.

Bookshare offers qualified students with print disabilities well over a hundred thousand books in an on-line accessible library and the tools to read the books for free. With Bookshare, teachers can open the world of books for their students, encourage independent reading, and equalize educational opportunities.

I believe this program (Bookshare) will push me and my students into the future with technology that will greatly increase their learning by creating an exciting reading environment.

– Laura Koch
Resource Specialist, Muscatine Community School District, Muscatine, Iowa